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This platform allows you to buy Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.
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The advantages of this platform:

  • Very easy to use, perfect for a beginner.
  • A bank card that gives a significant cash back.
  • Very quick purchase by credit card and without bank charges.
  • Savings with very high interest rates up to 20% per annum.
  • It is the most secure platform in the world (ISO / IEC 27701: 2019 Certification)

There is a specific referal for the trading platform:

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Earn $10 with Coinbase

It is the most famous platform for its simplicity. You can earn money by educating yourself.

Earn up to $50 by learning what Stellar is (XML)

Earn up to $50 learning what EOS is

Earn $20 with BlockFi

It is the most famous platform to make your interests grow. For me the most interesting is the interest rate on Bitcoin savings at 6% per year.


  • Possibility of withdrawing savings at any time
  • Important security and insurance on deposited cryptocurrencies.

Earn $20 with Celsius

Another platform that allows you to grow your crypto savings, the interest of this is their token which is very efficient.

Earn up to €100 with SuisseBorg

Another platform that serves as a comparator for the purchase of cryptocurrencies in order to obtain the best purchase price.


  • Best purchase price on the market
  • Interactive analyzes on the price of crypto


  • Little cryptocurrency available at the moment

Earn 8.2% / year on gold with YouHodler

A platform that allows you to grow your savings in cryptocurrency, the interest of this is the interest rate of 8.2% per year on a cryptocurrency backed by the value of gold (the PAXG) .

The PAXG is all the advantages of gold without the disadvantages: no storage, buying, selling, quick exchange. You can exchange the cryptocurrency for physical gold at any time. Gold is a store of value against inflation.


  • Possibility of withdrawing savings at any time
  • Security on deposited crypto-currencies.